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What Is This?
This is annwyd's icon/graphics journal, because dumping all my icons to my own LJ was getting to be a bit much. If you're interested, feel free to have a look and take as you please.

What's Here?
Mostly icons. If people request Friends Only banners, colorbars, and the like, there may be some of those as well.

My current iconing interests are in flux as I slowly trickle back to the scene.

My fandoms include comics, television, anime, and manga. I find anime easiest to icon and live-action television the hardest. My lack of connections in comics and television fandom means that I make fewer icons for those despite my interest. This may change in the future.

In the past, Naruto, Bleach, and Gundam SEED have been my main iconing fandoms. Right now we're looking at Gundam 00 for the most part.

Read the rules // See my awards (note: I am now too lazy for icontests) // Make a request

myrasis ** 77_words ** ownthesunshine ** desiderio ** lostluck_icons ** bitemev_v ** jadedicons ** miggy ** wonderland__ ** ewanism ** starlit_designs ** futurelights ** ianthinus ** iroka ** acme_graphics ** animavuoto ** glimglamoury ** ealias ** snarkybecky ** toybirds ** blimey_icons

If you recognize any resources that I have not credited here, drop me a note; I may have forgotten a few.